Italy ~ October 2015


American Airlines 03 October 2015 ; ┬áZeroDark PHX –> PHL –> FCU

Us, 2 backpacks, the clothes on our back. Meds/drinks stowed. Gear taken? minimal kit: 5dII, 24-105 f/4L, 85 1.8, memory cards, polarizer, cleaning kit. Not even on its own kit, thrown in my over the shoulder bag. Didn’t bring the Pelican(s) because I wanted to be in the moment with her, my new wife. Didn’t want to be hunting for the shot. Wanted to just live and be in the moment…great hostel in Ciampino, dirt cheap, private room and bath. 2 minute walk from the local train (map said .1 kilometres but we weren’t in a foot race. )

Amazing FA on the PHL–>FCU leg. Conversation is easy when Alli works for American Airlines. Note to anyone using air to get somewhere: The FA’s (Flight Attendants) didn’t make the TSA and DHS rules. They don’t like dealing with asshole people either, so if you make their lives easier by not bitching at them when they walk by and ask you to turn off your laptop, or ask you to put your shit under the seat in front of you instead of trying to drape your aforementioned crap all over┬áthe center seat hoping nobody bought that seat when the gate area was SRO during boarding.

Flight was great. Reading Italian bus/train map @Termini Roma? Different story altogether. Several trips up and down the murderous steps and a jaunt onto the wrong train followed by a blind-faith and several well-wishers along the way we made our way up what at that time resembled a winding, paved Mt Everest. Having been in either flight or train-bound for nearly 17 hours and 5 time zones, seeing the Amercord sign was a welcome sight. Below are the Colosseum, the paving stones (said to be a mixture of the original and replacement stones from the Aegean, and Alli doing the pose thing for me.

Wonderful trip. Return flight(s) home sucked, but if you are ever stuck at FCU w/o a current valid boarding pass, head down to the baggage claim area. Fairly comfortable seats, well-stocked vending machines, not too cold, and regular security walks. Most of all: FREE Electricity.
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